03 juillet 2008

Smiling too hard...

More new clothes! Salopette de mamie Christiane...           Whoops! thats what happens when you try to smile too much!         Another grin...     In the back of dad's car through the window,and standing up, Maxime has quite the desire to do so...              
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02 juillet 2008

Cold and Windy

Today Caroline and myself were feeling artistic and Caroline had the desire to try the new camera ... It was cooler (a good thing) and a bit windy (normal here anyway)today, Maxime didn't seem to mind...       Max's Baby Bjorn, aah memories of the womb...      Caro tries the Baby Bjorn for the first time, ... and likes it!      Maxime's Maxi Cosi without the blue thing, gives his head more room to move!              
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30 juin 2008

Maxime's team wins Eurocopa

Trying to capture that elusive smile...       Mum encourages Maxime to burp profoundly!        
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28 juin 2008

Paella, friends and terrace...

Yesterday we all went to Dorothea Fernando and Sabela's placeFernando made an authentic valencian Paella (which is the man's job to cook, Pa (or para, for) ella (her)). Maxime as usual at BBQ's slept for most of the time!    Here is Fernando's Paella, Dorothea feeding Sabelaand Sabela herself...    This morning Maxime on the orange couch...    We gave Max his first bottle feed this afternoon, he had no troublewith Caroline's milk, drinking up gleefully and with no complaints :)  ... [Lire la suite]
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26 juin 2008

A long day...

So a long post today... firstly Maxime gets some sunglasses to try on...       Caroline imagining what twins would have been like!...    Long and Strong, Maxime's legs growing and pushing...    Mini playground with hanging toys, lots of things to look at!    New shorts! (thanks Claire!)    In the afternoon we went for a walk, many things to seeand visitors along the way...          Finally those wide open Max eyes...  
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24 juin 2008

White salopette

Here he is, Maxime waiting while we eat our breakfast, and after he just had his.I think he likes his chair now ...       This morning we went into Coruna, Max got his picture taken for his passport,... We heard that red suits him... what do you think of blue?         
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23 juin 2008

1 month already...!

Yesterday was Maxime's 1 month birthday, wow! time flies whenyou're burping and farting along eh?This is Maxime changing into his red outfit, a gift from Vinca and family.                Max has a few red spots still, but they seem to come and go depending on the temperature... Max has a couple of unique outfits from Clairethis is one of them, his first fan of ACDC top! You can almost call it australiana too...       Ah such cute feet!!     ... [Lire la suite]
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20 juin 2008

Sunny Barbeque day...

Another warm day, Maxime had a nice warm bath while half asleepfrom eating.Today we went to the pediatrician, Max is now 4.5 kg, 56.5 cm longand his head is 37.5cm in diameter (for those keen to know details)       We had a BBQ today and Max slept the whole while Amazing!Here he is again in his comfy petit bateau outfit...     There are no pictures of the BBQ but we had a visitor afterwards keen for some left overs, or perhaps Max attracts birds, pun intended! :)  
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19 juin 2008

Still growing! 4 weeks today!

Early morning exercises in bed for Maixime,    He feels heavier by the day, tomorrow we will know ifits true or we're just getting more tired!Last night Max slept very well and had to be woken upto eat at 4am, we'll see how he goes tonight.    Getting changed before going out...    Last minute kick test of new pants.    Claire B. Exclusive designs top...    Max likes looking at daddies new camera :)    Drinking tea?       
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16 juin 2008

Maxime's many faces...

Max practices facial expressions in his sleep. He must have some good dreams, it's asleep that he laughs the most!        The baby bjorn harness seems to be an alternative to drivingaround in the car to get him to sleep, must be that "in the womb"feeling.    An awake Maxime has taken to Fred's Penguin, newborns aparently tend to react most to high contrast things, ie; black and white stuffed toys. Of course thats why Fred went to Patagonia in the first place, right? best place to buy a... [Lire la suite]
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