28 juin 2008

Paella, friends and terrace...

Yesterday we all went to Dorothea Fernando and Sabela's place
Fernando made an authentic valencian Paella (which is the man's
job to cook, Pa (or para, for) ella (her)).
Maxime as usual at BBQ's slept for most of the time!

DSC00652   DSC00643

Here is Fernando's Paella, Dorothea feeding Sabela
and Sabela herself...

DSC00634   DSC00622

This morning Maxime on the orange couch...

DSC00654   DSC00667

We gave Max his first bottle feed this afternoon, he had no trouble
with Caroline's milk, drinking up gleefully and with no complaints :)

DSC00675   DSC00684   DSC00683

On the terrace this afternoon, it was hot but we relived our wedding
day party by mounting the marquis and it cooled the three of us down

DSC00691   DSC00693

Maxime awakens from his afternoon nap...

DSC00701   DSC00705

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  • coucou
    on dirait que papa a bien apprécié de donner le bib!
    c'est gentil d'installer le auvent ... espérons que le beau temps se maintiennt!

    Posté par clairtof, 29 juin 2008 à 21:00 | | Répondre
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