19 juin 2008

Still growing! 4 weeks today!

Early morning exercises in bed for Maixime,

DSC00026   DSC00033

He feels heavier by the day, tomorrow we will know if
its true or we're just getting more tired!
Last night Max slept very well and had to be woken up
to eat at 4am, we'll see how he goes tonight.

DSC00034   DSC00042

Getting changed before going out...

DSC00046_1   DSC00047

Last minute kick test of new pants.

DSC00066   DSC00067

Claire B. Exclusive designs top...

DSC00057   DSC00069

Max likes looking at daddies new camera :)

DSC00070   DSC00075

Drinking tea?


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    de plus en plus craquant!
    dans 3 semaines, enfin, on pourra le bisouiller! euh, si la maman est d'accord...

    Posté par clairtof, 20 juin 2008 à 19:18 | | Répondre
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