22 novembre 2008

Quick Video

Just a quick video of Maxime who's desire to be on two legs is as much as horse wanting to be on four I suppose... Link to Dailymotion Photos soon everyone!...
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01 novembre 2008

First November, 5 months 1 week...

Hi again everyone, time for another long awaited mise a jour, Maxime turned5 months a week ago and here he is very close to that day...        He is with our neighbour Sven Petran who together with his wife Mariaare soon to have a boy! So Maxime will soon have a friend to play with.            Tom's final adieu to Mera, he is an ex-bassoonist from our orchestra whojust won a job in New Zealand so he will be making the long trip soon, he also came to visit Maxime for... [Lire la suite]
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14 octobre 2008

Chubby Cheeks... again!

Hi everyone!, Maxime is in great form this week and here he is...!        Grandma arrived on saturday evening with lots of presents for Max to open!        Maxime has gained quite a bit of weight from his change in dietplus he isn't vomiting anymore like he used to, you can see the change in his face...        Maxime making a pre-emptive strike at the playground, lots of futurefun to be had me-thinks!       A few B&W photos by the... [Lire la suite]
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01 octobre 2008

Maxime gets new stuff...

Hi all!, Maxime has a new seat which he tried today, and liked !                          Max is really much better now, his antibiotics have ended and he is laughing and being annoying (sometimes) just like he used to! Can you see his face has changed slightly? For us it is verygradual.
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25 septembre 2008

          Well, it's been a long time comming but here (finally) is Max's blog! and unfortunately Max has been sick this week, and is still recovering (poor guy)to sumarise events, Max had an infection (antibiotics are helping now) aswell assome reflux and constipation, and a cough... he must have a headache too but so far he hasn't said anything ... ;)            Mostly the three of us have been chilling out, going for walks on the beach and making... [Lire la suite]
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20 septembre 2008

Maxime's diet...

Here is Maxime trying to put a spoon in his mouth, and tries a compot for the first time.
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10 septembre 2008

Max laughs

Maxime laughing at the end of this Video
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08 septembre 2008

Changing Tables.

So welcome back to news of another week with Maxime!        Max's new carrying scarf is working out well, it's light, comfortable (for himand mummy/daddy) and warm for walks out in the windy twilight. So, in case you didn't know Max has two changing tables, one downstairs(with cool t-shirt) and one upstairs in the bathroom (getting ready for spashingin the bath), that second pic in the nude is called 'the frog' position.       Here are some pics of some things surrounding our house,... [Lire la suite]
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02 septembre 2008


Here is a Video of Max, for the moment its just a link untill I work out how to add the video to the page... Francisco.//
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30 août 2008

New look.

We've had many nice sunsets lately, and Max has seen them all.At least the one's he's been awake for... Maxime has a new look, grinning with his gums, before long therewill be some teeth instead...        The three of us on the terrace,...        That last one is not the terrace, but on a walk up the hill.Back to Pijama boy, as all good sleepers find, hanging out in the PJ'sis one of the best parts of life, ...           Up that hill I was telling... [Lire la suite]
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