22 novembre 2008

Quick Video

Just a quick video of Maxime who's desire to be on two legs is as much as horse wanting to be on four I suppose... Link to Dailymotion Photos soon everyone!...
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01 novembre 2008

First November, 5 months 1 week...

Hi again everyone, time for another long awaited mise a jour, Maxime turned5 months a week ago and here he is very close to that day...        He is with our neighbour Sven Petran who together with his wife Mariaare soon to have a boy! So Maxime will soon have a friend to play with.            Tom's final adieu to Mera, he is an ex-bassoonist from our orchestra whojust won a job in New Zealand so he will be making the long trip soon, he also came to visit Maxime for... [Lire la suite]
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