30 août 2008

New look.

We've had many nice sunsets lately, and Max has seen them all.
At least the one's he's been awake for...


Maxime has a new look, grinning with his gums, before long there
will be some teeth instead...   


DSC02455   DSC02454

The three of us on the terrace,...


DSC02434   DSC02439   DSC02462

That last one is not the terrace, but on a walk up the hill.
Back to Pijama boy, as all good sleepers find, hanging out in the PJ's
is one of the best parts of life, ...

DSC02403   DSC02447

DSC02405   DSC02406   DSC02410

Up that hill I was telling you about, Max is wearing classic short sleeve T-shirt
over a long sleeve body, I think Caro saw it in vogue babies, so ... (just kidding)


On the left is Caro at the lighthouse up from our house,
on the right is our building, our appartment is on the bottom

DSC02482   DSC02510

Thus ends another blog, here's another sunset for you all,
Maxime has been enjoying them, so now you can too :)


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