28 juillet 2008

Visiting Mamie Blue

The three of us left this morning very early (5:30!) for the airport
Maxime was asleep, all was calm...

DSC01601   DSC01607   DSC01617

On the plane and everything was still calm... All those plane trips Max
took while inside mummy paid off.


Getting out of the plane, what you don't see is me with all the bags!
The plane had about 10 people in it, practically a Private Jet for Max.
A view from the plane of Puy de Dome, largest volcanoe in the Chaine
de Puy.

DSC01623   DSC01633   DSC01637

Once arrived and settled, it's off to see Mamie Blue, Max's Great Grandma, and
boy is she looking well!!! Here she is excited to see Maxime.


Four generations...

DSC01647   DSC01648    DSC01651

Been tickled by Mamie Blue


Jean Pierre, Mamie Blue and Grandma Christiane in the first photo,
and Maxime's great great grandparents in the second photo ! !

(whoever can tell me their names might win a prize...)

DSC01672   DSC01673

Later in the afternoon Max laughs, blows bubbles, and shows off his
Made in Australia top...

DSC01682   DSC01683   DSC01706 


O.K. dad just one more photo ! (or maybe two...)

DSC01708   DSC01709   DSC01710

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