18 juillet 2008

Visit's end

Hi everyone! Little by little the Bournaud family makes its way back
to France... all sad to leave Maxime behind :.(
This was Claire with Max on her last day.

DSC01340   DSC01341   

Yesterday was Caroline's fete I bought her this basket of fruit
with some chocolate fondue. It looks too good to eat still!

This is Maxime waking up this morning...

DSC01352   DSC01366   DSC01376

DSC01386   DSC01397   

And today we went to a restaurant called Torre de Lorbe with Anne.
It's the same restaurant where, just over a year ago we went for our
wedding dinner, this time there are three of us!!

DSC01403   DSC01399   DSC01405

Helene the chef, is half french, half galician. She told us how
when she and her sister were little, they would travel to normandy
every year for summer untill they were 15. Substitute Normandy
for Sydney and France and you have a quick preview of Maxime's
next few years...
Helene makes great Magret as well as terrific desserts...

DSC01426   DSC01419   

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