11 juillet 2008

The Arrival of Salinas/Bournaud families (..well some)

The other day our friend Florence came over and Maxime tired himself
by smiling and breathing the fresh air up at the lighthouse...

DSC01035   DSC01064   DSC01082

By evening he was completely worn out...


Today Claire, Chistophe and Christiane arrived. Christiane took
photos from the plane up untill the very last moment! Here is the
view of out home in mera from the sky...


Maxime smiled for everyone on call!!

DSC01100   DSC01101

Totof gets acquainted with Max...

P1060251   P1060254

Here they all are! The Bournaud's and Salinas'
... and no-one is blinking!

DSC01110   DSC01123

DSC01134   DSC01129   


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