12 juin 2008

Baby Lunch

Well Maxime has a few 'baby pimples' which are quite normal we're told...I only hope he doesn't have pimples when he's a teenager like I did ... Maxime is sporting the new collection from Petit Bateau ... Blue and white stripes including big milk stain!        Max's expresion of relief and pleasure after eating ..... aaaaahoh and of course Mother's love :)
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10 juin 2008

Hot weather arrived ...

Whats that octopus doing there? .... aaaaaaah CHOOOOO! ! ....       Out and about, coffee at Santa Cruz bakery with newly arrived grandparents.Does Maxime like his new chair finally? ... well just this one time...    Max likes the Maxi-cosi especially when driving in the car.. you wouldn't know it from the face he puts on!    Max at sunset.           
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08 juin 2008

The long awaited arrival of the Aussie Grandparents.

Grandparents Marisa and Dioni arrived from Australia today (in an Airbus A380)and we took our usual stroll up to the lighthouse in the afternoon.    Marisa was dying to hold Maxime, and Max seemed quite at ease.as well as with Grandpa Dioni,    Maxime is practicing for a role in Der Gotterdamerung    Tired from the effort and placed in his 'big' bed for the first time, Max takes a well deserved nap. Till soon, Fran, Caro et Max.//   
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07 juin 2008

... was that a smile??

Ah, the dreaded 'chupete' 'dummy' 'pacifier' 'tetine'... Some would call it the miracle cure, others an ugly thing...When you see one of these work after hours of trying to get your child to sleep you realise just what an amazinginvention it is... (and supposed to prevent cot death amongst other good things) plus I don't think it looks so bad in clear plastic/silicone       After weeks of trying, has Maxime managed his first smile?His parents might have imagined it, maybe not... what do you think?  ... [Lire la suite]
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06 juin 2008

Whats Maxime up to today?

Well aside from the usual pooing, weeing, eating and sleeping,we went to the city today, Max was sporting his new blue knittedcardigan made by Claire, ... Hi Claire!       It was however a little hot to button up today ... Now for all of you Max-addicts out there ... some cute portraits for the day,        No. 2 - Kung Fu Maxime?No. 4 - Forget violin or viola, I'm going to be a cellist! Until soon, Fran Caro and Maxime.   
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06 juin 2008

Maxime weighs in...

Today Max went for his second session with the Pediatrician,we made bets to see what we thought Max would weigh...    Well he now weighs nearly 4 kilos! thats almost500grams gained in 1 week, I calculated thatthat would be like me gaining 7.5kilos in a week!(glad I didn't...)    Max didn't sleep so well yesterday, but today itwas just the opposite... will he ever wake up?!No, he doesn't have a fever, he's just very verysleepy... he woke up just before for a feed and change. These are some of his more... [Lire la suite]
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04 juin 2008

Benetton Maxime

I think Max is ready for his first United Colours of Benetton TV add ...          The many faces of Maxime ... (well some of at least...)       Three generations at the Castle of Santa Cruz, and 'Taking a Bath'          
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02 juin 2008

another windy day

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