06 juin 2008

Maxime weighs in...

Today Max went for his second session with the Pediatrician,
we made bets to see what we thought Max would weigh...

DSC06353   DSC06368

Well he now weighs nearly 4 kilos! thats almost
500grams gained in 1 week, I calculated that
that would be like me gaining 7.5kilos in a week!
(glad I didn't...)

DSC06351   DSC06346

Max didn't sleep so well yesterday, but today it
was just the opposite... will he ever wake up?!
No, he doesn't have a fever, he's just very very
sleepy... he woke up just before for a feed and

These are some of his more 'athletic' sleeping

DSC06380   DSC06381

Max the weight lifter??

or Maxime the body builder.... you decide.. :)

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