04 mai 2008

Kroute 3rd May


So, Welcome all who are interested in the progress of 'La Kroute' and petit Maxime (aka Max)

First a rear versus profile view of the happy two in question, can you tell Caroline is pregnant from behind?


At the dentist, apparently La Kroute has great teeth!

This is also Maxime's first trip to the dentist (sorry Christophe)


and the hairdresser !

On the evening of Saturday the 3rd of May, I arrived home after Bethoven's 9th Symphony to find Caroline having some contractions in regular intervals... ! OK Time to get to the hospital ... wheres that hospital bag got to??


False Alarm everyone... looks like Max still has some chilling out time in the womb left, but he did give Caro a few good kicks...

... untill the next installment ...


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